Water Proof?

So there’s a new trend Telefonieren unter der Dusche in English ‘calling people while in the shower’ or something. So I guess I am kind of a trendsetter.

I actually knew my cellphone was not waterproof. I didn’t want to test wether it was. Oh well I am not sure wether I should be laughing about my own carelessness (typical some would say, typical carelessness) or crying because I’ll have to get a new one now.

I’d been wondering where it was and wether I lost it and someone was using it to generate some cost for me. That mystery was soon to be solved …

This morning I felt good because even before work I managed to do some of my laundry. This evening I felt good, because I had helped someone at work to solve a huge problem. When I came home I felt good because we got a birthday present for the party on friday and I managed to get through the supermarket without buying any sweets. I started making dinner and then remembered the laundry, thinking how I would have put it on a dryer sooner or later. This having been a good day overall, I decided on sooner. Yeah. So much for that 😉

One of my pants was a little heavy, I grabbed the pocket and all of a sudden I knew what had been in the washer along with the laundry. Well now I know with 100% certainty that my cellphone is not waterproof. Proof by water I guess. I hope I can at least re-use the SIM Card.

The bad thing is: this is gonna cost money and I have no insurance against my own stupidity. The good thing is (see the category of this entry) I now have a reason to buy me some cool gizmo-id cellphone which is much better than my stupid old cheap Siemens C45.

Now I am gonna have dinner and then I’ll drink a bottle of prosecco on that one. Bye and of course: have a good laugh at my expense 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories