Me on TV

So all of a sudden there is this executive guy standing in our office “Können wir hier filmen?”

They needed some representative geek women for some kind of report about spam or whatever. I wasn’t prepared – not even wearing some evil goth outfit or something. My hair was in a mess, my outfit yak, no makeup no nothing. My bra strap was hanging out of my shirt … It’ll hopefully be only a couple of seconds if they take any of the material … my colleague was really weirded out …. and so am I.

Oh well gotta make some phone calls ….

Later we found out this is going to be produced – heute-journal for this thursday probably.


The report was on last Friday. I didn’t see it but my mother and some of my colleagues. One even taped it. So maybe I’ll get to see it. My mother said she would not have recognized me if she had not known about it from me.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories