Google Searches Revisited

Kofuzi’s Google analysis inspired me to take another look at my stats page to see what’s up currently.

Maybe I should give google its own category on my blog, I am so fascinated by it googling me, Best of Google and of course the Googolator

“luxembourg zusammengeschlagen junge frau” this one landed in the Unknown Armies section as happens usually with the really weird stuff.

“las vegas ueberschwemmung 2003” I especially like when searches land on my stats page about searches like this one did *lol*. This one as well “czerwi wodka fresh rezept” and this one “”blondes gift nackt”

“Not another moppe movie” don’t ask.

“fantasy shooting perforations” well whatever that’s supposed to mean.

“list of cults” hope it was a fellow gamer!

“ich habe nichts gegen schwule aber” aha …. and how does that fit my page? Weirdness ….

“Geht es der heutigen Jugend besser als der Jugend frueher” too bad most stuff is in German 🙂

“how to host a toreador party” I keep forgetting all the weird stuff on my homepage.

So to all those who come to my homepage again and again and most of all in vain: I do not host any mp3 downloads or any games neither can you download Civilization (no version), no Ascendancy, I have no movies to download …” and I’ll fix the layout of the Morrowind page soon.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories