Donautal Camping

This week-end we spent camping in theDonau Valley with some friends. It was fun despite my mood being ruined by leaving late on Friday and the heat on Saturday. Saturday was just not my day. Getting burned by the sun doing nothing all day is just not quite the relaxation I was imagining. Anyhow the Sunday made up for that.

About half the people had come because they wanted to do some climbing (random climbing homepage slected …). On Sunday I finally asked if I could try …. my arms still hurt a bit but it was fun and I will probably try it again. Only problem with that sport is the expensive equipment.

And our new tent – which we bought a couple of weeks ago after having a lot of trouble deciding since there are few quality tests of tents on the net (here’s the one: – passed its first rainy-windy night …. We are both very content with the Arctis 3 by Tatonka.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories