Death to all worms

My favorite mailinglist is down. Since the 22nd. I am pretty sure this was caused by some worm attack or similar. See the thread at Unknown Armies

The mean thing is that my mail reader has been displaying 26 new mails in the list’s folder all day. So I keep thinking: oh there are mails from the list! And then of course there aren’t any. Maybe it is a sign … but what das 26 of 909 mean? I need some numerolgy or symbolism experts now.

Okay here’s my try at prophesy:

The fate of the world lies in the difference 909-26 between today and (9+0+9+2+6+8+8+3)*8-27 yesterday

Because today the result is only 332 ….. maybe someone failed an ascension yesterday or something very important was decided ….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories