Google Searches Revisited

Kofuzi’s Google analysis inspired me to take another look at my stats page to see what’s up currently.

Maybe I should give google its own category on my blog, I am so fascinated by it googling me, Best of Google and of course the Googolator

“luxembourg zusammengeschlagen junge frau” this one landed in the Unknown Armies section as happens usually with the really weird stuff.

“las vegas ueberschwemmung 2003” I especially like when searches land on my stats page about searches like this one did *lol*. This one as well “czerwi wodka fresh rezept” and this one “”blondes gift nackt”

“Not another moppe movie” don’t ask.

“fantasy shooting perforations” well whatever that’s supposed to mean.

“list of cults” hope it was a fellow gamer!

“ich habe nichts gegen schwule aber” aha …. and how does that fit my page? Weirdness ….

“Geht es der heutigen Jugend besser als der Jugend frueher” too bad most stuff is in German 🙂

“how to host a toreador party” I keep forgetting all the weird stuff on my homepage.

So to all those who come to my homepage again and again and most of all in vain: I do not host any mp3 downloads or any games neither can you download Civilization (no version), no Ascendancy, I have no movies to download …” and I’ll fix the layout of the Morrowind page soon.

UAML is back

The list is back UA Info Page

John Tynes put it like this

“You realize, of course, that it was cosmically impossible for Ted to restore the list until I had made an alternate list. At that point, the dimensions realigned and progress could occur.”

Even the archives are back. Good to know. I am thinking of inviting some more people to the ‘Experiment’ …. and I have some idea now where it’s headed.

Death to all worms

My favorite mailinglist is down. Since the 22nd. I am pretty sure this was caused by some worm attack or similar. See the thread at Unknown Armies

The mean thing is that my mail reader has been displaying 26 new mails in the list’s folder all day. So I keep thinking: oh there are mails from the list! And then of course there aren’t any. Maybe it is a sign … but what das 26 of 909 mean? I need some numerolgy or symbolism experts now.

Okay here’s my try at prophesy:

The fate of the world lies in the difference 909-26 between today and (9+0+9+2+6+8+8+3)*8-27 yesterday

Because today the result is only 332 ….. maybe someone failed an ascension yesterday or something very important was decided ….

Water Proof?

So there’s a new trend Telefonieren unter der Dusche in English ‘calling people while in the shower’ or something. So I guess I am kind of a trendsetter.

I actually knew my cellphone was not waterproof. I didn’t want to test wether it was. Oh well I am not sure wether I should be laughing about my own carelessness (typical some would say, typical carelessness) or crying because I’ll have to get a new one now.

I’d been wondering where it was and wether I lost it and someone was using it to generate some cost for me. That mystery was soon to be solved …

This morning I felt good because even before work I managed to do some of my laundry. This evening I felt good, because I had helped someone at work to solve a huge problem. When I came home I felt good because we got a birthday present for the party on friday and I managed to get through the supermarket without buying any sweets. I started making dinner and then remembered the laundry, thinking how I would have put it on a dryer sooner or later. This having been a good day overall, I decided on sooner. Yeah. So much for that 😉

One of my pants was a little heavy, I grabbed the pocket and all of a sudden I knew what had been in the washer along with the laundry. Well now I know with 100% certainty that my cellphone is not waterproof. Proof by water I guess. I hope I can at least re-use the SIM Card.

The bad thing is: this is gonna cost money and I have no insurance against my own stupidity. The good thing is (see the category of this entry) I now have a reason to buy me some cool gizmo-id cellphone which is much better than my stupid old cheap Siemens C45.

Now I am gonna have dinner and then I’ll drink a bottle of prosecco on that one. Bye and of course: have a good laugh at my expense 🙂

Weird dreams

This was supposed to be a mail to the UA list but since the list seems to be dead since at least the 22nd I’ll post it here:

I’ve not been sleeping well lately. But tonight beats it all.

I dreamt the following:

>>We had been gaming. Unknown Armies what else. So there comes this guy says his name is ‘Greg Stolze’ he wants to play with us. It seems I remember something about this guy, isn’t he the author of that game we play? So he wants to GM. I have to leave it to him somehow. I ask if I can play my old vampire character since I have no UA character. Her name is Esclarmonde, she’s a real bitch. The dream becomes hazy there so maybe I was knocked out because he didn’t like me playing a vampire in a UA campaign But later I am playing her … I remember most of my friends being there even the non-gamers. They went to bed while our group was still gaming. There was a huge problem involved to find a bed for everybody so I gave up my bed because I knew we’d be playing until the morning.<<

(I dreamt some more weird stuff tonight …)

When I woke up I remembered that his 'Stolze' guy spoke German pretty well and that he was very surprised he could My second thought was: "Damn' I cannot remember the scenario!"

Common errors

My personal TOP10 of software development errors, ordered by how often these errors occur or how much time I have to spend to fix such a problem on average. Maybe I’ll be able to avoid some of these in the future. The evil thing is: I know how to fix these errors and even how to avoid them but still they keep costing me time and lots of it.

10. Making something static that should not or other way round: Don’t try this at home
9. Missing dependencies Jumpin’ Javac
8. XML parser errors: wrong format of xml file (hard to find if the XML is just an unexpected format)
7. “Method not found”-Exception Changed an interface -> doesn’t simply recompile
6. SQL Exceptions: Database user has no select rights or wrong password
5. AxisErrors and SoapExceptions: WSDL Errors?, Axis Deployment, Axis Deployment Part II, Axis of Evil Rant Part III
4. Using wrong version of jar-file (weird programm behavior mostly old bugs recurring, ‘ant clean’ helps)
3. Forgot to adapt properties (Nullpointer and other exceptions occur alternatively same behaviour
2. String manipulation errors (unexpected input or length of string causes weird results)

Surely this is a common favorite everywhere:

1. Nullpointers or ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception (forgot to test for unexpected user behaviour) Not my day

The most common is the basic Nullpointer which is easy to fix half the time and might still take an hour or two in the worst case. String manipulation can also be hard to find because it is most often something really unexpected that happens. The one that takes longest to fix on average is anything to do with Apache Axis (I’ll refrain from another hate rant here).

Of course this is not based on any statistics it’s just a list of stupid things that keep happening. Maybe I will update this list again in the future with more interesting errors.

meta blogging

I keep seeing blogs that use some kind of ‘feature’ so here’s my personal list of weblog-links that are not blogs themselves:

Blog Portals and Directories

Weblogs Compendium – Blog Hosting
The Weblog Review | weblog and blog reviews
BLOGWISE – Blog Directory and Weblog Research
The Microcontent News Blogging Software Roundup – Part One of the Weblog Industry Report – Microcontent News, a Microblog
Blogging Resource Links — Writers Write(R)
eatonweb portal :: the original weblog directory the page of only weblogs


BlogStreet – Weblog Genealogy
Tattoo Your Blog only on
BlogShares – Fantasy Blog Share Market
Globe of Blogs

Pingable Sites
Weblogs.Com: Recently Changed Weblogs


blog*spot – blog hosting
Radio UserLand : What is Radio UserLand?

Blogging Software
MT Plugin Directory
Greymatter – The Opensource Weblog/Journal Software
Be Blogging
blosxom :: the zen of blogging ::
b2 – a classy weblog tool



Moths & Maggots

Sunday evening we started a big clean-up after having had moths (German: Lebensmittelmotten ) in the kitchen for some time. We had to throw a lot of things out:
– flour
– rooibush tea (was crawling … yak!)
– noodles
– old cookies
– even some spices
– cocoa
– rice

Here is a list of typical foods plagued by pests like moths etc.

Here is another list (that also contains some fact about moths or so google tells me): Liste der beliebte Irrtümer

Capitalization Algorithm

Since I didn’t find anything on the web here is my solution to the problem (hope it works):

private String getCapitalized(String input){				
	StringBuffer result = new StringBuffer();			
	for(int i=0;i<input.length();i++){
		char c = input.charAt(i);
		char prev = (i>0?input.charAt(i-1):' ');
		if(Character.isLetterOrDigit(c) && !Character.isLetterOrDigit(prev))
	return result.toString().trim();