Google Searches Revisited

Kofuzi’s Google analysis inspired me to take another look at my stats page to see what’s up currently. Maybe I should give google its own category on my blog, I am so fascinated by it googling me, Best of Google and of course the Googolator “luxembourg zusammengeschlagen junge frau” this one landed in the Unknown… Continue reading Google Searches Revisited

UAML is back

The list is back UA Info Page John Tynes put it like this “You realize, of course, that it was cosmically impossible for Ted to restore the list until I had made an alternate list. At that point, the dimensions realigned and progress could occur.” Even the archives are back. Good to know. I am… Continue reading UAML is back

Death to all worms

My favorite mailinglist is down. Since the 22nd. I am pretty sure this was caused by some worm attack or similar. See the thread at Unknown Armies The mean thing is that my mail reader has been displaying 26 new mails in the list’s folder all day. So I keep thinking: oh there are mails… Continue reading Death to all worms

Water Proof?

So there’s a new trend Telefonieren unter der Dusche in English ‘calling people while in the shower’ or something. So I guess I am kind of a trendsetter. I actually knew my cellphone was not waterproof. I didn’t want to test wether it was. Oh well I am not sure wether I should be laughing… Continue reading Water Proof?

Weird dreams

This was supposed to be a mail to the UA list but since the list seems to be dead since at least the 22nd I’ll post it here: I’ve not been sleeping well lately. But tonight beats it all. I dreamt the following: >>We had been gaming. Unknown Armies what else. So there comes this… Continue reading Weird dreams

Common errors

My personal TOP10 of software development errors, ordered by how often these errors occur or how much time I have to spend to fix such a problem on average. Maybe I’ll be able to avoid some of these in the future. The evil thing is: I know how to fix these errors and even how… Continue reading Common errors

meta blogging

I keep seeing blogs that use some kind of ‘feature’ so here’s my personal list of weblog-links that are not blogs themselves: Blog Portals and Directories Weblogs Compendium – Blog Hosting The Weblog Review | weblog and blog reviews BLOGWISE – Blog Directory and Weblog Research The Microcontent News Blogging Software Roundup – Part One… Continue reading meta blogging

Moths & Maggots

Sunday evening we started a big clean-up after having had moths (German: Lebensmittelmotten ) in the kitchen for some time. We had to throw a lot of things out: – flour – rooibush tea (was crawling … yak!) – noodles – old cookies – even some spices – cocoa – rice Here is a list… Continue reading Moths & Maggots

Capitalization Algorithm

Since I didn’t find anything on the web here is my solution to the problem (hope it works): private String getCapitalized(String input){ StringBuffer result = new StringBuffer(); for(int i=0;i<input.length();i++){ char c = input.charAt(i); char prev = (i>0?input.charAt(i-1):’ ‘); if(Character.isLetterOrDigit(c) && !Character.isLetterOrDigit(prev)) result.append(Character.toUpperCase(c)); else result.append(Character.toLowerCase(c)); } return result.toString().trim(); }


Yeah I heard about it before but today going down my blogroll I found this has made the rounds already … klick the links in this article: Google calculator [dive into mark]