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…. and I have yet another idea for a scenario … this is not quite as ‘done’ as the other I posted some days ago.

This involves my idea of a band and a charismatic singer who might be a high-level avatar of [?] as well as some kind of weird fans turned Infomancers/Iconomancers who have to be at every concert. They draw their power from her and she from them …. or something else. And since something about dipsomancers came across the list these days as well of course the whole thing should involve some kind of mystic vessel as well.

This is just a a note so I don’t forget this little thing.

And here’s my post to the mailnglist I made from the other idea … it clarifies and details my original idea some more:

I just had this idea this morning on my way to work. Of course this is not done but maybe someone will like it, have more ideas how to make it work or tell me it was already done a dozen times.

In a part of the city which I drive through each morning some houses are
painted in pastel colors. So what if there was a color scheme? Where does the scheme come from? One local cabal of let’s say TNI guys finds out about three houses in the city which are all painted alike and somehow these houses seem to be of some mystic significance. They report it and are told to move in and occupy those houses. Group 2 might be some other cabal maybe an adept or two and their ‘friends’. They discover the TNI groups aim and then they find out the TNI guys got it all wrong. They occpupied the wrong houses all along. Since it seems important enough to get attention from TNI the adepts occupy the three houses they think are important. In the meantime the TNI guys have acquired some documents about the history of the houses and find out about some [rituals|murders|your choice] committed in each house by always the same person …. Now group three maybe some duke using mundanes or Mak Attax or whoever and at the same time your players discover some ancient document or legend about the three houses. They are looking for the houses and discover that TNI has moved in the city and they have taken up residence in three houses that might have been the three, of course the players and group three quickly discover that TNI is off by a long way. Group three finds the first house which is surely not any of the houses discovered by group two which is up to now unknown to any of the other groups. …..

So there are three times three houses and once they are all occupied something nasty or good might happen. Since these are houses maybe it has to do with the HoR. Maybe originally someone tried to use the houses to ascend or gain other power. The ascension might have worked (or not) and left behind ‘mystic’ residue which is now being used by the three+players groups to enact a huge ritual they do not even know about. One of the most interesting points could be when the players have discovered what they have gotten into.

The complete ritual might for example create a huge ‘entrance’ to the house of renunciation or …. It might also call demons/ghosts or avatars of the type in question …. and for some extra taste have the players powerbase be located (just accidentally) in one of the houses they might discover only what is going on when someone else is trying to take over their house. Of course the person who started it all might still be alive or a ghost that can be called or ….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories