333 or On my way to work ….

I drive across a bridge spanning the Karlsruhe: Zoo. Today was the second time I have seen those guys in the diving suites there. (Of course the mundane explanation is that they are cleaning the boats on the little lake and river). The explanation I came up with changes each time I see them. The first time I was mainly thinking that they were killers out to get somebody, now I am pretty sure they are more likely to hunt an escaped alligator monster which either really is in that lake or which was created by a Cliomancer spell.

Anyhow thinking about UA I had this other idea which I must write down before it escapes me. It is of course about 3-3-3. What else.

The houses in that part of the city I bike through after the Zoo are painted well some of them are. So maybe there is a color scheme …. like the London Highway thing. But of course the color scheme is not a simple pentagramm type thingy it is more complex. A long time ago there was someone trying to ascend as [choose archetype preferrably something horrifying or violent ‘Dark Stalker’, ‘Executioner’]. Well he committed three times three [crimes|rituals|etc.] in those houses. The color scheme encompasses three times three houses. In three houses he used the basement, in three the first floor and in three the roof or so. The groups are painted alike so modern cabals can find out about it. Of course the ascension somehow went awry probably because he failed to complete a final ritual.

I don’t know yet wether the 9 houses are related in any other way … but in modern times a first cabal found the story of this guy and decides to try again. Since the story is incomplete they only find out about 3 houses. They occupy those houses and are trying to find the final ritual at this point. A second cabal finds another part of the story and finds that the first cabal is off slightly with their choice of houses … they occupy the second batch.

Now comes the part for the players. The players and a third cabal find out about the story and the ritual as well and the third cabal makes a move to occupy one of the houses of the third batch.

Now the scenario should unfold like this: the players might try to occupy one of the houses or are even living in one of them to involve them more directly. They might first find out about the second and or the first group and they might notice that something weird is going on, there are three groups and accidentally each is a bit off. The finale looks like this: the players finally discover that should all nine houses be occupied and the rituals enacted plus the final one which at least one of the groups will try to do, something horrible will happen …. your choice.

Since there are a lot of choices in this, it is of course just a small idea what one could do, but maybe this is the first start of a new campaign. I’ll post again as I think about it.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories