The Fishtank

Okay if you want to have fun at a party try this one.

So there is this fishtank, it is about this wide, this tall and this long. In the middle of the tank is a glas panel. To the left of the panel is a fish and to the right of the panel is a fish. How does the left fish get to the right fish?

A hint: you have to accompany the telling with gestures to give an impression of the dimensions of the fishtank.

Another hint: You can elaborate some more on the description. For example the fish on the right is a piranha and the fish on the left is a goldfish. Yes and the piranha is very small. But on the left side there is more water. No and you cannot just take the fish and put it on the other side.

So did you get it?

Well see, I knew you wouldn’t get it.

We have had hours and hours of fun with this one 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories