So this saturday we finally had our grand opening to the public. Oh well not quite. We invited our friends over to show off the new apartment. The first invitation list had about 70 people on it. We reduced it a little and in the end I believe around 35 showed up which was quite enough for the space available. And I shall never again write into the invitation that I’d welcome any food people would bring, there was so much food we have still not eaten it all. Of course we also had too much beer and wine and cidre. But that’s a smaller problem with the roleplayers being so thirsty every Thursday and all that. We got some neat presents as well. My current favorite is the huge black tea mug from the set we got from Micha & Sandra.

I’ll add to the entry later as I have time (currently the cursor is behaving a little odd)

By the way and off topic I am back to playing Diablo.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories