End of Project

Well my project is finally over and done and published and ….

The last few weeks were hard. There are so many things that want fixing and improving and removing and … whatever you can think of. There are so many things I did not think about before and had to think about before deploying my software. All of a sudden there were tons of requirements popping up which I had either forgotten, ignored or not even known about.

Then the really bad one: the thing was too damn slow. I started optimizing yesterday and today everything was really really slow because my optimization was bullshit. Oh well it took me half a day to find out what was happening. But: I learned what a profiler is and what it is good for. I even downloaded and installed a trial version of Borlands OptimizeIt! Suite … quite fancy, rather complicated and very expensive.

Well now there is a party to go to …..

PS: compiler constructors favorite question: “How do you implement a goto?” – “With a jump!”

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories