Bashing Time

Well I have been working very hard the last week and I believe I got very far with the project. I worked a bit longer than usual and a lot more concentrated.

Friday was like this: I worked hard yesterday if I manage to finish programming this feature at 2p.m. I will simply leave and go shopping. But of course I wasn’t done at 2p.m. so I kept on hacking. The next 2 hours were among my most productive ever. I concentrated so hard and every was going really well and fast, because all I wanted was leave into my well-deserved week-end but my own pride wouldn’t let me.

Anyhow at 4:30p.m. I was finally done and left. Which is early for a friday at the company. Most of the team members were still working.

I visited Rolland at work and we went and bought a playstation – which had been on the want-to-buy list for some time now. Of course along came some games (GTAIII, NBA2003 and MK) and so most of this week-end I was trying to click faster than the computer.

Bashing time is also a German saying: “Zeit totschlagen”

I’ll be back ….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories