End of Project

Well my project is finally over and done and published and ….

The last few weeks were hard. There are so many things that want fixing and improving and removing and … whatever you can think of. There are so many things I did not think about before and had to think about before deploying my software. All of a sudden there were tons of requirements popping up which I had either forgotten, ignored or not even known about.

Then the really bad one: the thing was too damn slow. I started optimizing yesterday and today everything was really really slow because my optimization was bullshit. Oh well it took me half a day to find out what was happening. But: I learned what a profiler is and what it is good for. I even downloaded and installed a trial version of Borlands OptimizeIt! Suite … quite fancy, rather complicated and very expensive.

Well now there is a party to go to …..

PS: compiler constructors favorite question: “How do you implement a goto?” – “With a jump!”

Gamers Purity Test

Came along the UA list today, UA is even mentionned somewhere outside the ‘Systems’-section! Take it and tell me how you scored: The Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Quiz!

My Results

Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score
Category Your Score Average
Hacklust 62.26%
Enjoys the occasional head-lopping
Sensitive Roleplaying 45.57%
“But what’s my motivation for this scene?”
GM Experience 53.62%
Puts the players through the wringer
Systems Knowledge 93.08%
Played in a couple of campaigns
Livin’ La Vida Dorka 47.13%
Has interesting conversations in public
You are 63.39% pure
Average Score: 65.5%

Bashing Time

Well I have been working very hard the last week and I believe I got very far with the project. I worked a bit longer than usual and a lot more concentrated.

Friday was like this: I worked hard yesterday if I manage to finish programming this feature at 2p.m. I will simply leave and go shopping. But of course I wasn’t done at 2p.m. so I kept on hacking. The next 2 hours were among my most productive ever. I concentrated so hard and every was going really well and fast, because all I wanted was leave into my well-deserved week-end but my own pride wouldn’t let me.

Anyhow at 4:30p.m. I was finally done and left. Which is early for a friday at the company. Most of the team members were still working.

I visited Rolland at work and we went and bought a playstation – which had been on the want-to-buy list for some time now. Of course along came some games (GTAIII, NBA2003 and MK) and so most of this week-end I was trying to click faster than the computer.

Bashing time is also a German saying: “Zeit totschlagen”

I’ll be back ….


So this saturday we finally had our grand opening to the public. Oh well not quite. We invited our friends over to show off the new apartment. The first invitation list had about 70 people on it. We reduced it a little and in the end I believe around 35 showed up which was quite enough for the space available. And I shall never again write into the invitation that I’d welcome any food people would bring, there was so much food we have still not eaten it all. Of course we also had too much beer and wine and cidre. But that’s a smaller problem with the roleplayers being so thirsty every Thursday and all that. We got some neat presents as well. My current favorite is the huge black tea mug from the set we got from Micha & Sandra.

I’ll add to the entry later as I have time (currently the cursor is behaving a little odd)

By the way and off topic I am back to playing Diablo.

Don’t try this at home

and why would you. I should open a new category that includes the intersection of Java and Rants and the name would be “Errors I will not repeat” …. today I did the unbelievable: the one and only object in my webservice that cannot be static is the one that opens and closes database connections. Oh well of course the data objects cannot be static either but that is obvious. And I was wondering – when testing my service with multiple clients – where all the exceptions came from “Asche auf mein Haupt”, stupid error. Stupid. Stupid. Don’t try this. And repeat after me: “You do not make the data-base connection static, you do not make the data-base connection static, you do not ….” Oh come on laugh some, I did too (because: oh big surprise it didn’t take me long to localize this error).

Parallel Thinking

Computers are well able to nowadays even though it sounded like some science fiction myth to me when I started my computer science studies at university. Many of my friends took ‘parallel computing’ as one of their courses.

And then there are the operating systems and their multitasking which has come a long way in the last few years.

Fine, everything is fine. But I am simply human and I am neither parallel nor truly multitasking. The first is simply impossible and can only be simulated by talking so fast noone gets it. The latter is often attempted and always ends in a huge mess. Oh yes. And I don’t feel better. My programming may be object oriented but my task-handling is optimized for sequentialization. One thing after another. Not two things at once.

Actually I am lucky to work at a company that has some project manangement procedures which reduces the frequency of parallelisms a lot. But I guess you all know what happens when your old long-finished project has a bug? Oh yeah you start juggling the tasks around: ‘nicing’ this one, killing that one, to squeeze in some time for the bug-fix. And then it just takes some time for the normal workday to come back.

Since one assumes some kind of learning curve, each project is better than the previous, so fixing a bug on an old project – which in this case wasn’t even really my fault – becomes a tedious and hated affair because you have to touch code that is not up to your current standards anymore, even worse if it’s a totally different environment (other language f.e.)

So slowly I am calming down, after having spent three very angry hours with my old code, fixing something that should never have happened anyway because someone else put in a linebreak in 1 (!!!) of about 50 logfiles with 50k lines each.

So that’s how expensive one linebreak can become 🙂

The Fishtank

Okay if you want to have fun at a party try this one.

So there is this fishtank, it is about this wide, this tall and this long. In the middle of the tank is a glas panel. To the left of the panel is a fish and to the right of the panel is a fish. How does the left fish get to the right fish?

A hint: you have to accompany the telling with gestures to give an impression of the dimensions of the fishtank.

Another hint: You can elaborate some more on the description. For example the fish on the right is a piranha and the fish on the left is a goldfish. Yes and the piranha is very small. But on the left side there is more water. No and you cannot just take the fish and put it on the other side.

So did you get it?

Well see, I knew you wouldn’t get it.

We have had hours and hours of fun with this one 🙂