End of Project

Well my project is finally over and done and published and …. The last few weeks were hard. There are so many things that want fixing and improving and removing and … whatever you can think of. There are so many things I did not think about before and had to think about before deploying… Continue reading End of Project

Gamers Purity Test

Came along the UA list today, UA is even mentionned somewhere outside the ‘Systems’-section! Take it and tell me how you scored: The Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Quiz! My Results Your Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score Category Your Score Average Hacklust 62.26%Enjoys the occasional head-lopping 52.4% Sensitive Roleplaying 45.57%“But what’s my motivation for this scene?” 48.9% GM… Continue reading Gamers Purity Test

Bashing Time

Well I have been working very hard the last week and I believe I got very far with the project. I worked a bit longer than usual and a lot more concentrated. Friday was like this: I worked hard yesterday if I manage to finish programming this feature at 2p.m. I will simply leave and… Continue reading Bashing Time


So this saturday we finally had our grand opening to the public. Oh well not quite. We invited our friends over to show off the new apartment. The first invitation list had about 70 people on it. We reduced it a little and in the end I believe around 35 showed up which was quite… Continue reading Partytime

Don’t try this at home

and why would you. I should open a new category that includes the intersection of Java and Rants and the name would be “Errors I will not repeat” …. today I did the unbelievable: the one and only object in my webservice that cannot be static is the one that opens and closes database connections.… Continue reading Don’t try this at home

Parallel Thinking

Computers are well able to nowadays even though it sounded like some science fiction myth to me when I started my computer science studies at university. Many of my friends took ‘parallel computing’ as one of their courses. And then there are the operating systems and their multitasking which has come a long way in… Continue reading Parallel Thinking

The Fishtank

Okay if you want to have fun at a party try this one. So there is this fishtank, it is about this wide, this tall and this long. In the middle of the tank is a glas panel. To the left of the panel is a fish and to the right of the panel is… Continue reading The Fishtank


Yesterday I went to a local gaming convention with a couple of friends. I had promised someone I would GM some at the convention and so I did. Of course I totally messed up and came more or less unprepared. I had first planned to GM Joy&Sorrow from One Shots but then I asked around… Continue reading Jailbreak@Trokal