Wheel of Time

Looking over my personal google rank (search for my name) I stumbled over the Wheel of Time Index, I used to read this site while I was reading the books, they have some cool information.

So then I noticed some things in the books and wrote to them, I never heard from them at all until today I see my name mentionned in their credits section which is simply cool.

3.11 Miscellaneous References

15) Tel’aran’rhiod: In Celtic myth the Goddess has three aspects, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. The names of the aspects change from myth to myth, but in some versions the Mother aspect is called Arianrhod. “Arian” means “silver”, while “rhod” is “wheel” or “circle”. Arianrhod appears in the Mabinogian as the sister of Gwydion (or his wife, or both), and is associated with the moon, fertility, the stars, the aurora borealis, and time. [Kathy Putnam, Sonja Pieper]

Not all of this entry is from me.

Addendum: I was thinking of a good way to write ‘searching google for references to me – in person’ the above “looking over my personal google rank” is kind of harmless, on second thought I would have written “googling myself” which sounds a lot more like what it is …. 🙂 Just a thought.

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