UA in a sentence

Last night we played our weekly session of DSA (German Fantasy Roleplaying) , the guys were being really grosse. I cannot even post it. I didn’t play a lot because I was still feeling ill. I had to work rather late – on Friday! – to adapt my stats tool to our new website publishing mechanism. I am pretty sure the new thing is fancy but I was having a lot of trouble with perl again, I am somehow getting a corrupt value in one of my fields which then corrupts the complete output.

The title: I got listed on BlogShares 3 weeks ago: BlogShares – Daily Delusions. Well nobody has bought any of my shares so far. I could buy myself some of my shares I guess, but to what end? Anyhow I don’t really know what BlogShares does, I just noticed their bot came by several times.

And there’s an interesting discussion on the UA List. “How to summon up UA in one sentence”, here’s some examples:

“Its like watching Snatch but instead of diamonds everyone’s after the videotape from The Ring.” – Chris Cooper

“Unknown Armies; Purple jesus monkey” – Jade Hammons

“Playing in an Unknown Armies game is like being an abused wife who says she deserved it, ’cause he loves her.” – Brant Cassavant

I will defer to Peter Hindman’s: “Quentin Tarantino’s Call of Cthulu.”
“Everything you know about the world is wrong, what price will you pay to learn the truth?” -Sean Holland

“It boils down to a street-level boxing ring where one corner has crazy homeless guys who fling magick like no one’s business, one corner has a bunch of idealistic stereotypical people who would make Plato wet his pants, one corner has the typical greedy son of a bitch who just uses crime to get by, one corner has a clueless cabal who count the number of letters in today’s menu at the local diner in an attempt to divine what time their computers will crash, and the middle has these poor saps who stumbled into something big and are often called something arcane like ‘a PC,'” slurs the inebriated man next to you, but you can’t always trust a man face-down in a shot glass talking with his dead sister trapped in a Jack Daniels bottle.” – Kevin

“It’s just like “The Mexican” except…well, no. It’s pretty much just like “The Mexican.” Especially at the Street level.” – Phil

“Buy the New Fillet Sandwich and also get a free 20 oz Drink.” – Tim Bisaillon

“Unknown Armies: We make sense you don’t have too.” – Semiotic@…

“Unknown Armies: It’s like a guy trying to touch his left elbow with his left hand, and he succeeds.” – Daniel Butler

“The secret love-child of Guillermo del Toro, Guy Ritchie, Hideo Nakata and the Wachowski brothers — and believe me, you DON’T want to know how that happened — got it into hir head one day to enlist the cast of The Sopranos and do a snuff-porn remake of Baraka; s/he’s in the holding tank right now, scaring the other perps with stories ’bout how s/he got collared — in flagrante delicto — with a durian, a spool of fencing wire and a bottle of cheap tequila.” – David M Jacobs

“Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.” – James Knevitt

So whats my own description?

“In the end you will be another and be happy if no other is you!”

To me UA has been about how people change, how they react to what happens around them, taken to the extreme of course and especially the shocking reflection in the end when they realize it was all their own doing.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories