The secure mansion

Al Corby – we have just been watching ‘Bizz’ a German TV show including all kinds of weird things. Today they had some Kazaa bashing, an expensive RV and the most secure mansion in the USA. We decided it was good for gamers. This guy Al Corby or whatshisname has not only a kevlar matrace below his bed in order to deflect attacks from the ground floor and a panic (bath-)room. No he has of course kevlar walls and some really neat traps he can spring on intruders.

He has shooting boards installed in the walls of his mansion which he can trigger from the panic room. But his favorite was this one: by pushing a button 10cm nails shoot from the floor into the feet of anyone walking there and then whoever got ‘nailed’ is hit by 100 ampere. So just in case you are a GM who wants to kill his players take this one.

It’s not even ‘unrealistic’ …..

Oh and I saw Sex and the City for the first time. Is it okay if I don’t have an opinion yet?

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories