The Saturday Google Whack “strange”

Idea brought to you by UA-Mailinglist. Someone posted something today – what a surprise – which made me think of this:

I dug these up while googlewhacking this morning. Two very different, yet equally interesting things:

Dysassemblage: An Avant-Garde Autopsy:

Cheerleader Ninjas:

(For the record, on the GoogleWhack I used the words ‘pornographic’ and ‘zombification’.)

[James Knevitt]

So I started out with something less crazy than ‘zombification’ couldn’t resist. And of course must quote the above strangeness too. Next time he’s doing the same he’ll land here. Oh and I have to try his too see wether there are other links to that combi.

#4: Strange & Unusual Dictionaries

#5: > Facts Page 1″ href=””> >> Facts Page 1

#9 – a blog: 50 cups of coffee | [i regret calling this page] strange brew

Google Whacking seems a cool word for something to beat down week-end boredom with. This one comes from not wanting to do some of the work I brought home. I have to do it yet.

Well the whole post is already screwed up with my bad English and my weird jumpy thoughts today. strange weather probably. There it is again. I think I need more caffein today.

Addendum Found out that Google Whacking means something else actually. Try to enter only two words into google and produce exactly one hit. I’ll try that one rather. More fun too.

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