Syria’s UN council resolution

In the last few days you might have noticed how the Bush administration has started to threaten Syria. Now that Iraq ‘is finished’, the next ‘evil state’ is being targeted.

Of course the Arab world isn’t to happy about it as a bunch of articles on the web can tell you: Arabische Presseschau: “Diese Drohungen müssen aufhören!” – Politik – SPIEGEL ONLINE or Straw on the US threats against Syria and Iran

But Syria isn’t quite the same as Iraq. They introduced the plan for a UN resolution banning ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in the whole middle east which would put the US in a precarious situation since Israel possesses such weapons.

And I can only agree with Daily Kos: Syria countermoves, scores against US, basically he says the same I did yesterday while watching the news. In my opinion it is a very clever move by Syria which exposes the ‘doublethink’ that’s going on.

If the resolution is ever really made and reaches the security council – which I seriously doubt – it would force some important and probably historical decisions on the US. My believe is though, that it’s simply a very clever bluff by Syria to foil the allegations of owning weapons of mass destruction. I guess the outcome of this is still completely open, I just hope the changes are coming and that they are for the better.