UA in a sentence

Last night we played our weekly session of DSA (German Fantasy Roleplaying) , the guys were being really grosse. I cannot even post it. I didn’t play a lot because I was still feeling ill. I had to work rather late – on Friday! – to adapt my stats tool to our new website publishing mechanism. I am pretty sure the new thing is fancy but I was having a lot of trouble with perl again, I am somehow getting a corrupt value in one of my fields which then corrupts the complete output.

The title: I got listed on BlogShares 3 weeks ago: BlogShares – Daily Delusions. Well nobody has bought any of my shares so far. I could buy myself some of my shares I guess, but to what end? Anyhow I don’t really know what BlogShares does, I just noticed their bot came by several times.

And there’s an interesting discussion on the UA List. “How to summon up UA in one sentence”, here’s some examples:

“Its like watching Snatch but instead of diamonds everyone’s after the videotape from The Ring.” – Chris Cooper

“Unknown Armies; Purple jesus monkey” – Jade Hammons

“Playing in an Unknown Armies game is like being an abused wife who says she deserved it, ’cause he loves her.” – Brant Cassavant

I will defer to Peter Hindman’s: “Quentin Tarantino’s Call of Cthulu.”
“Everything you know about the world is wrong, what price will you pay to learn the truth?” -Sean Holland

“It boils down to a street-level boxing ring where one corner has crazy homeless guys who fling magick like no one’s business, one corner has a bunch of idealistic stereotypical people who would make Plato wet his pants, one corner has the typical greedy son of a bitch who just uses crime to get by, one corner has a clueless cabal who count the number of letters in today’s menu at the local diner in an attempt to divine what time their computers will crash, and the middle has these poor saps who stumbled into something big and are often called something arcane like ‘a PC,'” slurs the inebriated man next to you, but you can’t always trust a man face-down in a shot glass talking with his dead sister trapped in a Jack Daniels bottle.” – Kevin

“It’s just like “The Mexican” except…well, no. It’s pretty much just like “The Mexican.” Especially at the Street level.” – Phil

“Buy the New Fillet Sandwich and also get a free 20 oz Drink.” – Tim Bisaillon

“Unknown Armies: We make sense you don’t have too.” – Semiotic@…

“Unknown Armies: It’s like a guy trying to touch his left elbow with his left hand, and he succeeds.” – Daniel Butler

“The secret love-child of Guillermo del Toro, Guy Ritchie, Hideo Nakata and the Wachowski brothers — and believe me, you DON’T want to know how that happened — got it into hir head one day to enlist the cast of The Sopranos and do a snuff-porn remake of Baraka; s/he’s in the holding tank right now, scaring the other perps with stories ’bout how s/he got collared — in flagrante delicto — with a durian, a spool of fencing wire and a bottle of cheap tequila.” – David M Jacobs

“Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.” – James Knevitt

So whats my own description?

“In the end you will be another and be happy if no other is you!”

To me UA has been about how people change, how they react to what happens around them, taken to the extreme of course and especially the shocking reflection in the end when they realize it was all their own doing.

Unfinished Books

Here’s the newest version of my personal topten of books I never finished reading.

Goedel Escher Bach by Douglas Hofstadter [GEB]
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoi [AK]
Der Zauberberg by Thomas Mann [Z]
The Making of Americans by Gertrude Stein [MA]
Ulysses by James Joyce [U]
Divina Comedia by Dante Alighieri [DC]
Die Traumdeutung by Sigmund Freud [T]
Wilhelm Meister by Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe [WM]
The second sex by Simone de Beauvoir [SS]
Les Mis├ęrables by Victor Hugo [M]

So I quit GEB because I got bored in the middle and I started studying computer science which was way more interesting. When I started reading AK I think I was too young and I quit because I just could not grasp what should be interesting about the whole story and the book was simply too long. I quit reading Zauberberg after several chapters of showing goodwill but I just don’t like Thomas Mann’s writing. I was probably too young for that one. Btw I quit the Buddenbrooks on the first page ­čÖé With MA I never got beyond the introduction, it’s just too damn hard to read. At the time I had read a Gertrude Stein biography and was a huge fan of Hemingway et al so I thought I’d give it a try, well I gave it a try and quit. I am still reading a couple of pages in Ulysses each year. Sometimes I just open the book to enjoy a few pages somewhere in the middle or toward the end. I’ll finish that one one day. I got through two thirds of the Divina Comedia, I quit when he came to paradise. I liked reading about the sins the people committed but the good ones were kind of boring. Sigmund Freud is really exciting that’s probably why I quit after chapter one. I am really a fan of Goethe but WM didn’t get me like the rest. So I quit after like 10 pages. Maybe I should start again some time. I love Simone de Beauvoir’s other works, well I read several of the novels, but this one was more than I could take on. It’s like reading a scientific text for a course at university, and there are probably many people that have to read this for university. Oh well but I could quit so I did. Well the problem with Les Mis was I read it in French. Tried to.

I have more unread books than you would believe. But maybe one of these days I’ll be writing about my very favorite books. Anyhow I got this because American Gods was being discussed on my all-time favorite mailinglist (Unknown Armies if you want to know) …. someone asked wether he should quit reading or if it was getting any better toward the end.

Another modern Witchcraze

An American citizen behing held prisoner by American authorities for apparently no reason besides his ethnicity and some donations he made to an organization Maher (Mike) Hawash

Mr. Hawash is now being held without charge by the United States Government. They haven’t even bothered to accuse him of a crime. Call your senator, call your congrsesman. Tell them that this will not stand. Tell them that it is unacceptable that the United States would treat its citizens like this. Tell them that they should do one of the following:

  • Charge Mr. Hawash with a crime,

  • Have Mr. Hawash testify in court as a material witness as quickly as possible, or

  • Release Mr. Hawash

The Department of Justice has publicly said that it is using material witness warrants to hold people it suspects of being terrorists when it cannot gather enough evidence for an indictment. Such abuses are un-American.

You all know what this reminds me of. There have been other articles at WarBlogging and other places about other people being held for similar non-reasons. It looks like a real witch-craze to me. And some other stuff too. After the (not so blitzy) Blitzkrieg comes now ….?

Rated X

Today the new law “for the protection of minors” becomes effective. A telepolis interview with a representative of the USK – Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle can be found here Das neue Gesetz stellt digitale Kultur unter Generalverdacht.
The USK is an organisation that has been rating computer games in Germany for some years now. The new law enforces stricter ratings (before ratings were voluntary).

I have selected a few interesting quotes form the interview:

Jetzt kommt der gro├če Bereich der Kindersoftware von Terzio bis Tivola und Cornelsen dazu. Kindersoftware steht ja auch unter dem generellen Verdacht, f├╝r Kinder und Jugendliche nicht geeignet zu sein. Wir werden dann im Einzelfall das Gegenteil feststellen.

So children’s software might potentially be dangerous for children?

Ist es ├╝brigens nicht seltsam, wie gerade die konservativen Politiker, die so drauf dr├Ąngen, “den Krieg verherrlichende” Spiele am besten komplett aus der Welt zu schaffen, gleichzeitig unhinterfragte Gefolgschaft verlangen gegen├╝ber einem amerikanischen Pr├Ąsidenten, dessen Rhetorik und Politik nichts anderes ist als eine einzige gro├če Kriegsverherrlichung und -verharmlosung? (Das ist eine rhetorische Frage, die m├╝ssen Sie nicht beantworten. Entschuldigen Sie, man wird derzeit so leicht zynisch…)

Gerstenberger: Nein, nein, das sehe ich genauso. Und beim besten Willen wird niemand sagen wollen, dass der Irakkrieg eine Marketingaktion von Electronic Arts war.

Here he says: “I don’t believe the Iraq war was a marketing campaign by EA.”