UA in a sentence

Last night we played our weekly session of DSA (German Fantasy Roleplaying) , the guys were being really grosse. I cannot even post it. I didn’t play a lot because I was still feeling ill. I had to work rather late – on Friday! – to adapt my stats tool to our new website publishing… Continue reading UA in a sentence

Unfinished Books

Here’s the newest version of my personal topten of books I never finished reading. Goedel Escher Bach by Douglas Hofstadter [GEB] Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoi [AK] Der Zauberberg by Thomas Mann [Z] The Making of Americans by Gertrude Stein [MA] Ulysses by James Joyce [U] Divina Comedia by Dante Alighieri [DC] Die Traumdeutung by… Continue reading Unfinished Books

Another modern Witchcraze

An American citizen behing held prisoner by American authorities for apparently no reason besides his ethnicity and some donations he made to an organization Maher (Mike) Hawash Mr. Hawash is now being held without charge by the United States Government. They haven’t even bothered to accuse him of a crime. Call your senator, call… Continue reading Another modern Witchcraze

Rated X

Today the new law “for the protection of minors” becomes effective. A telepolis interview with a representative of the USK – Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle can be found here Das neue Gesetz stellt digitale Kultur unter Generalverdacht. The USK is an organisation that has been rating computer games in Germany for some years now. The new law… Continue reading Rated X