The Saturday Google Whack “strange”

Idea brought to you by UA-Mailinglist. Someone posted something today – what a surprise – which made me think of this:

I dug these up while googlewhacking this morning. Two very different, yet equally interesting things:

Dysassemblage: An Avant-Garde Autopsy:

Cheerleader Ninjas:

(For the record, on the GoogleWhack I used the words ‘pornographic’ and ‘zombification’.)

[James Knevitt]

So I started out with something less crazy than ‘zombification’ couldn’t resist. And of course must quote the above strangeness too. Next time he’s doing the same he’ll land here. Oh and I have to try his too see wether there are other links to that combi.

#4: Strange & Unusual Dictionaries

#5: > Facts Page 1″ href=””> >> Facts Page 1

#9 – a blog: 50 cups of coffee | [i regret calling this page] strange brew

Google Whacking seems a cool word for something to beat down week-end boredom with. This one comes from not wanting to do some of the work I brought home. I have to do it yet.

Well the whole post is already screwed up with my bad English and my weird jumpy thoughts today. strange weather probably. There it is again. I think I need more caffein today.

Addendum Found out that Google Whacking means something else actually. Try to enter only two words into google and produce exactly one hit. I’ll try that one rather. More fun too.

Comedy: Freitagnacht News

Couldn’t resist.

Freitag Nacht News

Robbie Williams geht mit Kelly Osbourne auf Welttournee. Die beiden sind wie “Dick und Doof” und Robbie Williams.

Wie heisst den George Bush mit Nachnamen? …

Also der Gewinner des Golfkrieges kriegt doch eine exklusiven Waffenvertrag und einen Fiat Punto oder?

Deutschland sucht den Grosspapa und der hat sich schon wieder im Park verlaufen. (alt RTL)

Robbie Williams on tour with Kelly Osbourne: it’s like “dumb and dumber and Robbie Williams”

Wheel of Time

Looking over my personal google rank (search for my name) I stumbled over the Wheel of Time Index, I used to read this site while I was reading the books, they have some cool information.

So then I noticed some things in the books and wrote to them, I never heard from them at all until today I see my name mentionned in their credits section which is simply cool.

3.11 Miscellaneous References

15) Tel’aran’rhiod: In Celtic myth the Goddess has three aspects, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. The names of the aspects change from myth to myth, but in some versions the Mother aspect is called Arianrhod. “Arian” means “silver”, while “rhod” is “wheel” or “circle”. Arianrhod appears in the Mabinogian as the sister of Gwydion (or his wife, or both), and is associated with the moon, fertility, the stars, the aurora borealis, and time. [Kathy Putnam, Sonja Pieper]

Not all of this entry is from me.

Addendum: I was thinking of a good way to write ‘searching google for references to me – in person’ the above “looking over my personal google rank” is kind of harmless, on second thought I would have written “googling myself” which sounds a lot more like what it is …. 🙂 Just a thought.

Java Switch Blacklisted

Once again I have to abuse my blog to become a noteboard for my memory-impaired little self, every time that I want to use a switch statement I have to look up the syntax. Every time. It’s like this Charles Bronson thing I posted yesterday. My brain has a blacklist for certain things I think. So here’s the The switch Statement

public class SwitchDemo {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

        int month = 8;
        switch (month) {
            case 1:  System.out.println("January"); break;
            case 2:  System.out.println("February"); break;
            case 3:  System.out.println("March"); break;
            case 4:  System.out.println("April"); break;
            case 5:  System.out.println("May"); break;
            case 6:  System.out.println("June"); break;
            case 7:  System.out.println("July"); break;
            case 8:  System.out.println("August"); break;
            case 9:  System.out.println("September"); break;
            case 10: System.out.println("October"); break;
            case 11: System.out.println("November"); break;
            case 12: System.out.println("December"); break;

Inspirational Blogs

I did not link to her before but actually kasia inspired me to start my own blog, she has written how she found out that someone else was also inspired by her blog: kasia in a nutshell: Blog self-indulgence.

I have been keeping my own homepage since 1996 but regular updates were very hard to do most of the time when homepag-ing is only a hobby and not a profession. One day while searching for some apache configuration tricks I came by kasia’s website and that was the first blog I saw and recognized as such. I checked out movable type and voila here’s my blog (which is not read by anyone besides me and a my other personalities and maybe a few misled googlers)

I like the mixture of personal remarks, geekiness and comments on other bloggers on her blog and so I still read it regularly. What got me hooked to her blog was the subtitle:
“just geeky things”, I know few female geeks and I am a fan of all geekiness. Well nearly all geekiness.

By the way take a look at my blogtree 🙂

Brainbug Whatshisname?

So there we were talking about TV shows, I tried to tell Rolland that that guy on friends who had a date with Tiffy

Me: “I can never remember her name, you know the one with the same name as one of the sisters in charmed, no you don’t? Oh the one who has a twin sister, now please there’s half the joke gone, whatshername? Oh well uhm yeah Tiffy had a date with this guy who looked like whatshisname?”
So Rolland goes: “That was Sean Penn, he only had a minor role anyway.”
Me: “Well yeah he looks like the guy in Once upon a time in the west, whatshisname?”
Rolland: “Henry Fonda?”
Me: “No, Henry Fonda has Blue eyes.”
Rolland: “Which one?”
Me: “Harmonica, he looks like Harmonica.”
Rolland: “He does not”
Me: “So whatshisname?”
Rolland: “Don’t know.”
Me: “Anyhow the guy who had a date with Tiffy …”
Rolland: “Her name’s not Tiffy!”
Me: “Let’s call him Samson.”
Rolland: “Yeah but whathisname?”
Me: “I even know the name of the female actress in that movie.”
Rolland: “Claudia Cardinale.”
Me: “Yeah but whatshisname?”

It was kind of hard to go to sleep after this truly in-depth discussion of ‘Friends’. I must add that I watch TV series only as a by-product to surfing and writing on the couch in the living room, which might be an explanation for my poor grasp on the story. But what’s the name of the actor who played Harmonica? This really bugged me ….. because I can never remember his name, I can remember at least two more times that I was trying really hard to remember his name one was while actually watching the movie in the Karlsruhe Open Air cinema last year.

Imdb was a huge help again finding out it was Charles Bronson. But something is wrong with this guy, I mean why should I forget the name all the time, it’s neither complicated nor tooo commonplace. I tell you something’s fishy.

The secure mansion

Al Corby – we have just been watching ‘Bizz’ a German TV show including all kinds of weird things. Today they had some Kazaa bashing, an expensive RV and the most secure mansion in the USA. We decided it was good for gamers. This guy Al Corby or whatshisname has not only a kevlar matrace below his bed in order to deflect attacks from the ground floor and a panic (bath-)room. No he has of course kevlar walls and some really neat traps he can spring on intruders.

He has shooting boards installed in the walls of his mansion which he can trigger from the panic room. But his favorite was this one: by pushing a button 10cm nails shoot from the floor into the feet of anyone walking there and then whoever got ‘nailed’ is hit by 100 ampere. So just in case you are a GM who wants to kill his players take this one.

It’s not even ‘unrealistic’ …..

Oh and I saw Sex and the City for the first time. Is it okay if I don’t have an opinion yet?

GoogleBot and MSIE

It’s funny how many people still get to my old homepage when they search google. About 90% of all searches get the 404 error from my college account. I noticed this only when I put up a .htaccess file that makes the apache fetch the error document from my new page (one line: ErrorDocument 404 ). The Apache Logs for Delusions.De now tell me that besides my blog which is being indexed all the time nearly all searches run into the huge web-nirvana of 404.

Same goes for the google directory (Daily Delusions: Open Directory Project). I am wondering when the changes are going to hit. I hope they will. The homepage has been at its new location since September 2002, but I only deleted the old homepage in February 2003. I mean I don’t even rank high enough for my own name to appear on the first page of a google search even though nearly all the first 10 pages refer to ‘me’ as in bits and pieces of information about what I did at university etc.

Oh yeah and webstats are addictive. Ever since I first started it, I have been looking them over and improving them nearly every day.

The current version features a fancy layout, nicer ‘umlaut’ substitution, better user-agent resolution. I finally caught the IE which forwards a user-agent like this “Mozilla5.0 compatible(MSIEx.x)” which is kind of evil and I suspect they are doing that because suns java plugin will not work with another user-agent than mozilla

Sun’s JRE will crash at startup if your useragent does not begin with Mozilla/5.

See the bug at bugzilla: Bug 83376 – Crash when loading Java Plugin if UserAgent string as MSIE

Was new to me till this morning when I tried to install NewsMonster, an rss news aggregator plugin for mozilla.

By the way sun’s Java will not work with the newest Debian GNU/Linux — mozilla-browser-snapshot because that one was compiled with gcc versions 3.x, so for that one you need the blackdown jre. For a dozen reasons I am unwilling to use blackdown (beacuse of my work I need the sun jre).

Okay it all feels a little weird especially the part where IE says it’s mozilla.

Favorite Books

Over the years I have a read a lot of books, lately I do not seem to have the time to read as much as I like. But here comes the list of books that are among my very favorites. They are in no particular order.
Some time ago I already posted the books I never finished reading in Daily Delusions: Unfinished Books. I do not know all the English titles of the books so I will post the language I read the book in. And I’ll omit my favorite fantasy sagas since this is more a ‘literature’ list.

Wahlverwandtschaften – Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe
Nana, Le Reve – Emile Zola
Die Elixiere des Teufels – E.T.A. Hoffmann
Narziss und Goldmund – Hermann Hesse
Montauk – Max Frisch.
Ein Tag im Leben des Iwan Denissowitsch – Alexander Solschenyzin
Das Glasperlenspiel – Hermann Hesse.
Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte
The Sun Also Rises – Ernest Hemingway
Memoiren einer Tochter aus gutem Hause – Simone de Beauvoir
Der Spieler – Fjodor Dostojewski
Les chouans – Honore de Balzac
The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde
Mephisto – Klaus Mann

I will probably think of a bunch of other books as soon as I publish this post. Anyhow I have enjoyed all of the above books a lot. Off late I have mostly been reading fantasy books – so much easier – and trivialities. And I have also started reading several comicbook series and a few online comic series.

To the list above I have to say one thing. A lot of these books have a biographical nature or theme and that is what I like a lot, it’s the reason why I am doing this blog, my homepage and why I enjoy reading other people’s blogs. Those biographies and especially the autobiographies contain a lot about the authors. Just read Montauk. Or Hemingway. Often when authors try to explain themselves in their books that is where I can best identify myself with the book, with its author. I learn something about myself.

And as I am posting this I keep noticing that my English is not good enough for this kind of posting. It used to be better but now all this sounds rather crude and in-elegant, but hey it’s not my mother tongue.

Not all of the books are of a biographical nature. But the others like Goethe or Hoffmann or Emily Bronte weave intricate social patterns around unique and beautiful characters. I have this page of Quotations from Wuthering Heights done long ago. Those quotations make me still cry even after I have not read the book for five years.
Mostly these books deal with love stories, in them love is never easy and rarely happy. I’ll never forget one quote I believe to be from a Hermann Hesse book: “Das Schönste an der Liebe ist die Sehnsucht.” The most beautiful thing about love is longing, it is so true and so sad because it essentially says that in order to be happy you need to be unhappy. If you get what you want it will not make you happy.

Get Some Style

So I re-styled my site. I was rather annoyed by the other layout which was based to about 90% on one of the templates provided by movable type. It was dark and depressing and I don’t want to be depressed every time I take a look at my blog. So this is my first try on making something myself.There are still a bunch of elements from the original stylesheet but I added some new colors and of course the background.

The pictures was taken in Karlsruhe near the ‘marketplace’, some might recognize the castle tower and the pyramid.

Another important element of the new design was to incorporate some connection to my ‘normal’ homepage and its subpages. Of course this is not the end of it. There are plans to do more and of course the structure of the page needs some redesign too. Das Schwarze Auge: Yashimas Bibliothek and Just A Game – An Unknown Armies Campaign are next on my list of improvements.

Two really nice style pages are : CSS layout techniques and css/edge. I stole the idea with the shaded background from css/edge. I think it looks really neat of course their examples look even better.