The Saturday Google Whack “strange”

Idea brought to you by UA-Mailinglist. Someone posted something today – what a surprise – which made me think of this: I dug these up while googlewhacking this morning. Two very different, yet equally interesting things: Dysassemblage: An Avant-Garde Autopsy: Cheerleader Ninjas: (For the record, on the GoogleWhack I used the words ‘pornographic’… Continue reading The Saturday Google Whack “strange”

Comedy: Freitagnacht News

Couldn’t resist. Freitag Nacht News Robbie Williams geht mit Kelly Osbourne auf Welttournee. Die beiden sind wie “Dick und Doof” und Robbie Williams. Wie heisst den George Bush mit Nachnamen? … Also der Gewinner des Golfkrieges kriegt doch eine exklusiven Waffenvertrag und einen Fiat Punto oder? Deutschland sucht den Grosspapa und der hat sich schon… Continue reading Comedy: Freitagnacht News

Wheel of Time

Looking over my personal google rank (search for my name) I stumbled over the Wheel of Time Index, I used to read this site while I was reading the books, they have some cool information. So then I noticed some things in the books and wrote to them, I never heard from them at all… Continue reading Wheel of Time

Java Switch Blacklisted

Once again I have to abuse my blog to become a noteboard for my memory-impaired little self, every time that I want to use a switch statement I have to look up the syntax. Every time. It’s like this Charles Bronson thing I posted yesterday. My brain has a blacklist for certain things I think.… Continue reading Java Switch Blacklisted

Inspirational Blogs

I did not link to her before but actually kasia inspired me to start my own blog, she has written how she found out that someone else was also inspired by her blog: kasia in a nutshell: Blog self-indulgence. I have been keeping my own homepage since 1996 but regular updates were very hard to… Continue reading Inspirational Blogs

The secure mansion

Al Corby – we have just been watching ‘Bizz’ a German TV show including all kinds of weird things. Today they had some Kazaa bashing, an expensive RV and the most secure mansion in the USA. We decided it was good for gamers. This guy Al Corby or whatshisname has not only a kevlar matrace… Continue reading The secure mansion

GoogleBot and MSIE

It’s funny how many people still get to my old homepage when they search google. About 90% of all searches get the 404 error from my college account. I noticed this only when I put up a .htaccess file that makes the apache fetch the error document from my new page (one line: ErrorDocument 404… Continue reading GoogleBot and MSIE

Favorite Books

Over the years I have a read a lot of books, lately I do not seem to have the time to read as much as I like. But here comes the list of books that are among my very favorites. They are in no particular order. Some time ago I already posted the books I… Continue reading Favorite Books

Get Some Style

So I re-styled my site. I was rather annoyed by the other layout which was based to about 90% on one of the templates provided by movable type. It was dark and depressing and I don’t want to be depressed every time I take a look at my blog. So this is my first try… Continue reading Get Some Style