Not my day

I started the day playing some basketball, well wasn’t even so bad I even scored a couple of points. But then I got to work, and I am sure this list will grow:

  • at work I started of with cleaning up my cvs which got broken during a large refactoring session on friday, well what happened was that CVS luckily is foolproof. I was already crying and screaming that I deleted my own sourcecode and nobody to blame for but me.

  • my code still there, I go to work. First funky error turned out to be my effort at reducing NullpointerExceptions so in the middle of a while loop I wrote if(field==null) break; which was only supposed to stop this iteration, but that is not the way it works, I KNOW 🙂

  • next I am redesigning some more stuff, trying to be cool I use an ‘instance’ of if-else to test which kind of object is given to the constructor as parameter, only minutes later I notice that overloading would have done the trick

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories