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I did not link to her before but actually kasia inspired me to start my own blog, she has written how she found out that someone else was also inspired by her blog: kasia in a nutshell: Blog self-indulgence.

I have been keeping my own homepage since 1996 but regular updates were very hard to do most of the time when homepag-ing is only a hobby and not a profession. One day while searching for some apache configuration tricks I came by kasia’s website and that was the first blog I saw and recognized as such. I checked out movable type and voila here’s my blog (which is not read by anyone besides me and a my other personalities and maybe a few misled googlers)

I like the mixture of personal remarks, geekiness and comments on other bloggers on her blog and so I still read it regularly. What got me hooked to her blog was the subtitle:
“just geeky things”, I know few female geeks and I am a fan of all geekiness. Well nearly all geekiness.

By the way take a look at my blogtree 🙂

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