GoogleBot and MSIE

It’s funny how many people still get to my old homepage when they search google. About 90% of all searches get the 404 error from my college account. I noticed this only when I put up a .htaccess file that makes the apache fetch the error document from my new page (one line: ErrorDocument 404 ). The Apache Logs for Delusions.De now tell me that besides my blog which is being indexed all the time nearly all searches run into the huge web-nirvana of 404.

Same goes for the google directory (Daily Delusions: Open Directory Project). I am wondering when the changes are going to hit. I hope they will. The homepage has been at its new location since September 2002, but I only deleted the old homepage in February 2003. I mean I don’t even rank high enough for my own name to appear on the first page of a google search even though nearly all the first 10 pages refer to ‘me’ as in bits and pieces of information about what I did at university etc.

Oh yeah and webstats are addictive. Ever since I first started it, I have been looking them over and improving them nearly every day.

The current version features a fancy layout, nicer ‘umlaut’ substitution, better user-agent resolution. I finally caught the IE which forwards a user-agent like this “Mozilla5.0 compatible(MSIEx.x)” which is kind of evil and I suspect they are doing that because suns java plugin will not work with another user-agent than mozilla

Sun’s JRE will crash at startup if your useragent does not begin with Mozilla/5.

See the bug at bugzilla: Bug 83376 – Crash when loading Java Plugin if UserAgent string as MSIE

Was new to me till this morning when I tried to install NewsMonster, an rss news aggregator plugin for mozilla.

By the way sun’s Java will not work with the newest Debian GNU/Linux — mozilla-browser-snapshot because that one was compiled with gcc versions 3.x, so for that one you need the blackdown jre. For a dozen reasons I am unwilling to use blackdown (beacuse of my work I need the sun jre).

Okay it all feels a little weird especially the part where IE says it’s mozilla.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories