Get Some Style

So I re-styled my site. I was rather annoyed by the other layout which was based to about 90% on one of the templates provided by movable type. It was dark and depressing and I don’t want to be depressed every time I take a look at my blog. So this is my first try on making something myself.There are still a bunch of elements from the original stylesheet but I added some new colors and of course the background.

The pictures was taken in Karlsruhe near the ‘marketplace’, some might recognize the castle tower and the pyramid.

Another important element of the new design was to incorporate some connection to my ‘normal’ homepage and its subpages. Of course this is not the end of it. There are plans to do more and of course the structure of the page needs some redesign too. Das Schwarze Auge: Yashimas Bibliothek and Just A Game – An Unknown Armies Campaign are next on my list of improvements.

Two really nice style pages are : CSS layout techniques and css/edge. I stole the idea with the shaded background from css/edge. I think it looks really neat of course their examples look even better.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories