Brainbug Whatshisname?

So there we were talking about TV shows, I tried to tell Rolland that that guy on friends who had a date with Tiffy

Me: “I can never remember her name, you know the one with the same name as one of the sisters in charmed, no you don’t? Oh the one who has a twin sister, now please there’s half the joke gone, whatshername? Oh well uhm yeah Tiffy had a date with this guy who looked like whatshisname?”
So Rolland goes: “That was Sean Penn, he only had a minor role anyway.”
Me: “Well yeah he looks like the guy in Once upon a time in the west, whatshisname?”
Rolland: “Henry Fonda?”
Me: “No, Henry Fonda has Blue eyes.”
Rolland: “Which one?”
Me: “Harmonica, he looks like Harmonica.”
Rolland: “He does not”
Me: “So whatshisname?”
Rolland: “Don’t know.”
Me: “Anyhow the guy who had a date with Tiffy …”
Rolland: “Her name’s not Tiffy!”
Me: “Let’s call him Samson.”
Rolland: “Yeah but whathisname?”
Me: “I even know the name of the female actress in that movie.”
Rolland: “Claudia Cardinale.”
Me: “Yeah but whatshisname?”

It was kind of hard to go to sleep after this truly in-depth discussion of ‘Friends’. I must add that I watch TV series only as a by-product to surfing and writing on the couch in the living room, which might be an explanation for my poor grasp on the story. But what’s the name of the actor who played Harmonica? This really bugged me ….. because I can never remember his name, I can remember at least two more times that I was trying really hard to remember his name one was while actually watching the movie in the Karlsruhe Open Air cinema last year.

Imdb was a huge help again finding out it was Charles Bronson. But something is wrong with this guy, I mean why should I forget the name all the time, it’s neither complicated nor tooo commonplace. I tell you something’s fishy.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories