Month: April 2003

  • Not my day

    I started the day playing some basketball, well wasn’t even so bad I even scored a couple of points. But then I got to work, and I am sure this list will grow: at work I started of with cleaning up my cvs which got broken during a large refactoring session on friday, well what […]

  • New Office

    We finally moved to our new officebuilding. There’s a webcam on the Schlund & Partner homepage where you can see the new building. Now I am in a nice quiet 🙂 two person office. We have internet access again and my telephone is also working. It’s a whole new work-experience after being in an office […]

  • Java Tutorial

    I made a tiny little sample project which is supposed to function as a small tutorial for java. A lot of the basic concepts are there I believe but this is very ‘ad hoc’ and in no way would I say it’s comprehensive or easily understandable. You need the programming basics to get it I […]

  • Fricklers and honorifics

    For several days I have wanted to add something to what Kasia wrote about classifying programmers. I believe every ‘programmer’ has encountered the ‘job-titlte’ problem. 1) Programmer has become a bit of a derogatory term around here. A programmer is someone who has to program exactly some kind of stupid/easy code that others tell him […]

  • Syria’s UN council resolution

    In the last few days you might have noticed how the Bush administration has started to threaten Syria. Now that Iraq ‘is finished’, the next ‘evil state’ is being targeted. Of course the Arab world isn’t to happy about it as a bunch of articles on the web can tell you: Arabische Presseschau: “Diese Drohungen […]

  • ‘Temp’-t(h)ing

    Same project different class, without further commentary. Vector results = new Vector(); while({ results.add(set.getNext()); } Vector temp = new Vector(); for(int i=0;i++;results.size()){ Object item = results.get(i); if(item fulfills something){ temp.add(item); } } results.clear(); for(int i=0;i++;temp.size()){ results.add(temp.get(i); } No I cannot resist.

  • while(true)

    My project is doing fine currently, after my decision to throw away all code not written by me. I inherited the project I must add. Today I was taking the last bits of ‘foreign’ code to go through and see what functionality I am still missing. I encountered this here construct: while(true){ …. if(something){ …. […]

  • Same procedure as every project

    Around the time I first thought I’d be finished with a project I usually get totally stuck. There’s normally at least one day that I start hating everything, I want to delete all files and quit the project. I have had this for every major project so far (not so many okay). Next I take […]

  • My other blog

    I have started a second blog. But noone can read it so far because I made it password protected. It’s a diary for a new gaming character of mine. I am documenting character creation and her story there. I’ll publish the URL once we started playing that campaign. Aventurisches Tagebuch. Anyhow the thing is in […]