Web Stats

So now that I have seen the stats of my page should I feel better? Well nearly all hits are generated by myself so far except I am getting some hits from several morrowind faqs who linked my alchemy page. This one Morrowind Links looks kind of nice. It is nice to find out that I have at least one page that interests people on the web.

I also find it very interesting to see what kind of google searches land on my page. Very funny. I liked the one looking for a “Weltverschwoerung” or better in English “World-Conspiracy”. I am also getting lots of searches for my roleplaying pages. Especially the fantasy game. And some people still look for cocktail recipes on my old page, which is cool 🙂

The script will probably be improved soon and maybe I will take a look at the other newgods member’s pages too.

See the statistics here: Delusions.de: My Own Perl Webstats for Yashimas Homepage

By Yashima

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