Too many books

Now I saw something interesting on another blog which I have taken the occasional look at. BookCrossing – Home – FREE YOUR BOOKS!. I might actually consider using this, as I have just compiled a box of books I wanted to sell. I don’t need the money of selling those books so badly I would not do this. I’ll think about it. I really like my books but I have to many to keep them all so this would be a cool solution.

Read and Release at

I have no space for more books and yet I keep surfing amazon for more and more books. One day it’s cookbooks (waiting for delivery – Paul Bocuse – Bienvenue sur le site officiel de Paul Bocuse) another day it is a bunch of Tim Powers novels, here is a page about The Works of Tim Powers. So far I enjoyed both “Last Call” and “The Anbuis Gates” a lot. The Unknown Armies list really recommends this author, so if you want to play the game, read some of his books to get into the mood. (And one of those days I will do a huge UA posting)

Next time it’ll be more roleplaying books – I am already watching the respective eBay categories for items to appear. Buying books is like an addiction. I still have enough unread books at home or unfinished ones. I still have this list of books I never finished reading somewhere on my homepage, probably on the Bookshelves.

And here’s a link to the blog where I found it. andersja’s blog: As I do not have any idea how trackbacking works I have simply posted the link.

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