Too many books

Now I saw something interesting on another blog which I have taken the occasional look at. BookCrossing – Home – FREE YOUR BOOKS!. I might actually consider using this, as I have just compiled a box of books I wanted to sell. I don’t need the money of selling those books so badly I would not do this. I’ll think about it. I really like my books but I have to many to keep them all so this would be a cool solution.

Read and Release at

I have no space for more books and yet I keep surfing amazon for more and more books. One day it’s cookbooks (waiting for delivery – Paul Bocuse – Bienvenue sur le site officiel de Paul Bocuse) another day it is a bunch of Tim Powers novels, here is a page about The Works of Tim Powers. So far I enjoyed both “Last Call” and “The Anbuis Gates” a lot. The Unknown Armies list really recommends this author, so if you want to play the game, read some of his books to get into the mood. (And one of those days I will do a huge UA posting)

Next time it’ll be more roleplaying books – I am already watching the respective eBay categories for items to appear. Buying books is like an addiction. I still have enough unread books at home or unfinished ones. I still have this list of books I never finished reading somewhere on my homepage, probably on the Bookshelves.

And here’s a link to the blog where I found it. andersja’s blog: As I do not have any idea how trackbacking works I have simply posted the link.

Web Stats

So now that I have seen the stats of my page should I feel better? Well nearly all hits are generated by myself so far except I am getting some hits from several morrowind faqs who linked my alchemy page. This one Morrowind Links looks kind of nice. It is nice to find out that I have at least one page that interests people on the web.

I also find it very interesting to see what kind of google searches land on my page. Very funny. I liked the one looking for a “Weltverschwoerung” or better in English “World-Conspiracy”. I am also getting lots of searches for my roleplaying pages. Especially the fantasy game. And some people still look for cocktail recipes on my old page, which is cool 🙂

The script will probably be improved soon and maybe I will take a look at the other newgods member’s pages too.

See the statistics here: My Own Perl Webstats for Yashimas Homepage

Freedom Fries

There are a lot of articles appearing of course about Iraq and the USA. Here is one that really scares me. Propaganda-Feldzug: Die PR-Maschine der Bush-Krieger – Politik – SPIEGEL ONLINE. To read what appears to be a plan for complete world domination (Yes we keep joking about it) is frightening. I don’t believe that there will not be a war now soon.

I have spoken with people around here and most everyone I ask thinks so. Most people don’t talk about wether war against Saddam is neccessary or not. Everyone talks about the politics of the Bush administration and how they think that is not ok. Maybe I am scared. I am. And I hear from what they say, that people are scared war could come to us, to Europe, to Germany. We are not that far away from everything. And now that we are ‘dissidents’ trying to interfere with the plans of the high and mighty who says that we won’t be next on the agenda to be pacified?

This one here looks more like a joke and is actually serious
Abgeordneten-Beschluss: Fritten heißen ab sofort “Freedom Fries” – Politik – SPIEGEL ONLINE. This one shows even more what kind of monstrosities are starting to happen. Reminds me of a sullen child somehow.

And here is one more page modeled after the “Sendung mit der Maus” a German TV-Show for children which tries to explain the world. Das ist der Herr Bush.

Axis of Evil Rant Part III

It is over, I think. And I believe it was not-my-fault. It’s a bug not a feature.

After deployment was working I was having trouble with some weird exceptions which I could not place. Finally I had this nice idea, that I could maybe get myself the ‘message’ from the original exception and voila: it was a failed login into the database. I knew before that there would be trouble with that because I had not yet adapted the database name for my project. So I was much farther than I thought and only after debugging 1.5 days I found out that all I needed to do was change one word in a config file. Which teaches us: “Don’t do it later!”

Fine so I fixed that – nearly jumped out the window when I saw that. Well after the login I got no more exceptions from the service itself – never mind the SOAPMonitor never showed any soap messages besides the deployment messages.

So I was looking forward to getting results. But then came the de/serialization issue. I knew the project was running somewhere so everything for that should be in place. Well but somehow I kept getting a ‘missing a de/serializer here’ on the client side. I added a ‘beanMapping’ to my deployment descriptor: didn’t help. I got myself confused with xmlns/namespaces to no end – could have gotten drunk instead for the same effect. Nothing I tried for 2 days worked. Nothing. The mailinglist was curisouly quiet on the topic except for someone who suggested that I was missing the ‘registerTypeMapping’ part in my client code.

But I generated my client with WSDL2Java which was supposed to produce code that contained this registration. I looked for it and it did not. I kept hoping that if I changed around the namespaces enough that magically everything would work. I tried dozens of versions of the beanMapping. Not a thing. Still I was getting the no deserializer error.

In the end I took the generated client added the code someone had suggested to fix the client and after some package issues – it worked. It simply worked. Results and everything there. Again 2 days down the drain.

So what did I learn: do not use any programs that magically generate code …. do not. Yes yes use compilers and parser generators and all that but do not use programs promising to generate code from XML or similar!!!!!

Finally I can start to program!

Author Websites

And here is one more

One of his books was recently made into a movie: “Soloalbum” I am pretty curious about this movie and I hope I am not going to miss it because despite him having a very different worldview than I, I enjoyed all of his books a lot.

Debugging by Exceptions

Since Axis is not responding in any human-readable way to my attempts to run a webservice on it, I have found a new method of debugging: throwing exceptions. Since the only thing that comes over the wire from my axis host (localhost:8180 *lol* and don’t ask why tomcat picked that port instead of 8080, I had enough trouble with it) are exceptions I am starting to throw SOAPExceptions containing the messages I would usually use with my other debug-paradigm: “System.out.println”-Debugging. I know neither is the way of the wise man, but in their respective circumstances both methods have their advantages for me.

throw new SOAPEception("Yes the program really got here");

And Bob Marley is good for debugging too.