Oscars and other movies

So I have not seen a lot of ‘great’ movies lately. Well I liked Chicago. Daredevil was disappointing, both X-Men and Spiderman were a lot better. The best thing about Daredevil was Electra. And if even I say that there was too much romance and too little action it must be true. Geez I like romance but …. anyhow then we saw “Suche impotenten Mann fuers Leben” (german movie look it up at imdb) in the sneak preview. The whole movie was embarrassing and dripping with unfunny dialogue.

I am surprised that Michael Moore really got the Oscar for “Bowling for Columbine” because I like it and it is a great movie but I did not think that with its critical view on America and the weapon’s lobby it would get very far. And of course it was no surprise for me to hear, that during his speech he condemned Dabbeliu and the war.

“Catch me if you can” was surprisingly good even though I dislike both Tom Hanks and diCaprio.

There are some movies I still want to see now, but I guess noone will want to go see “Frida” with me. I am not so keen on see “Gangs of New York” I have heard both good and bad about the movie, but again it’s diCaprio. We should have gone to see “My big fat greek wedding” it was supposed to be hilarious, even my former roommate (his family is from greece) said so. And I would like to go see “The Hours” but I think I missed it, as it is not running anymore. Or maybe not yet? But same as Monster’s Ball last year, I won’t get to see it.

So what movies am I looking forward too currently? Matrix II of course and X-men II and LotR III.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories