Internet Mood

So while lying lazily in bed on sunday morning waiting for someone else to get up and make breakfast surfing ebay seemed like a good idea, except everything I could think about wanting to buy is awfully expensive. Like some board games and Mah Jongg games. Well and other things I am looking for are not even being sold like the Transylvania Chronicles Part II for V:tM.

Tonight at 4:44 I woke up because down on the street some people were banging car-doors and yelling at each other loudly. It lasted at least half an hour. This is the first time since we live here that I heard such noise at night. Well currently it is the church bells but it is not as bad as in the old apartment where we lived between two churches which would have a ten minute difference.

So I kept on surfing some and found something even more interesting. Well interesting may be the wrong word here. Well did you know the Internet had a mood? Yes it has as you can see at >> Mood Indicators

Of course I could not resist and got myself an account there which I will probably never touch again. This is actually worse than ICQ (well I use jabber) which you can at least use for something usefulThe current mood of at

And here ladies and gentlemen the Mood of the Internet: The current mood of the Internet at

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories