Feeling like debugging

I am not feeling so well. So what’s so funny about that. Read the entry before this. I took work home to do, test out log4j in a lab environment. Yeah got home started feeling ill. I have a terrible throat ache. Each time I need to cough up some slime, I start thinking: log.debug(“Blaarrrgh”). Once I noticed at all the way my thoughts were going I started thinking, well log.debug is okay as long as I do not get to a statement log.fatal(…). Think that’s sick? Me too. But I know the phenomenon as I am sure many other people do.

Way back when I was playing Civilization I like an eleven year old addict (and so was my friend), one day during a gaming break we went to go shopping for junk food – even back then we did – she asked

“I think I have forgotten my money.”
“Well did you save Game?”
“Well we could simply reload and get the money.”

And I did not mean walking back home, I was pretty sure there was a backup there somewhere and I anything went wrong I could simply restart at some save Game. Okay it lasted a moment and we burst out laughing.

Then there was the time when we played Total Annihilation all the time, I kept dreaming I was a Peewee fighting against Kroggoths.

And that night we played Quake jump levels until morning, I lay in my bed and every movement I made felt like jumping on one of those pads, man that was some kind of rollercoaster ride 🙂

Okay now before anyone notices I’ll put the laptop away pretending I did not need to write down weird things while I am sick. Or am I sick?

Excuse me need to log.debug some more.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories