Fantasy Sagas

About two years ago I started reading lots of Fantasy books again. So here is a short overview what I read and what I liked.

First there is the greate fantasay saga “Song of Ice and Fire”. The Author actually has a regularly updated homepage George R.R. Martin’s Official Website.

Then there is Tad Williams who wrote the Dragonbonechair (Tri-)logy and Otherland which I both recommend.

And of course there is the Wheel of Time which I have read only twice so far (but I started late, I only started reading short before Book 8 was published). Too bad though that the official Robert Jordan homepage is really not worth posting here. There is a really nice hp about the characters of WoT though Wheel of Time Character Archive Home and another nice one is Encyclopaedia WoT

I would also recommend the “Coldfire” Trilogy by CS Friedman. Merentha – Jaggonath is not an official page but has some info on the books.

So far I liked the Cavern of Black Ice which is only the first volume of a larger work. I hope the author is going to produce more books soon:The J.V. Jones Website

Wizards First Rule was a book I did not like very much, I think it is a typical “first book” in all bad aspects of that. Anyhow I might give it a second try since so many people I know seem to have liked it. Prophets Inc. – The Official Terry Goodkind and Sword of Truth web site

I liked both “Last Call” and “The Anubis Gates” by Tim Powers who was recommended by the entire UA Mailinglist. He seems to have no homepage, so alternatively another link Tim Powers – Author Information, Books, and News

So far so good, if I remember more fantasy sagas I liked I will simply extend this post.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories