Disinfopedia and Warpropaganda

I just saw a link to this page somewhere else (heise):
Disinfopedia Main Page – Disinfopedia

It looks very interesting especially so since I saw a documentary about the propaganda the Bush administration has used so far to gain public acceptance for Gulf War Redux.

There are articles about PR campaigns and think tanks as well as actual propaganda. We have heard about lots of this in the media before, just remember that Top Secret Report written by a student. There are tons and tons of groups and people involved in the gigantic PR-machine that is the government of the USA.

Oh and for a logo they have a pyramid with an eye in the center. FNORD.

By Yashima

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  1. I’d love to know where his administration and the media are getting their poll numbers from — about 99% of the people I know [including myself] are not endorsing the war. Something smells.

  2. I am pretty sure not all Americans are pro-war as much as not all Germans are anti-war. We have seen several documentaries on TV over here about the use of the media, about propaganda to manipulate the public.

    I believe that it is quite easy to deceive people. What scares me are the reports how Rupert Murdoch and his companies take a chief part in this and now a former partner of Murdoch has bought a major part of the German private television networks.

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