I was wondering how many people that graduated with me can be found via google. Surprisingly few of the 77 others have homepages or are otherwise ‘findable’, I am pretty sure that some of the other links google turned out were about the very people I was looking for but all the ones I was not sure about I left out.

So this short list is it.
I’ll try again sometime.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Dear classmate, this is nice that you found my pages. Try to enlarge the list, interesting for me too. But who are you who posted this !!!
    I am more than surprised and this list seems to be new !
    Greetings old classmate !

  2. Tja also vielleicht haettest Du schreiben sollen wer Du denn warst 🙂 Also ich tippe mal entweder wollte mich jemand verarschen oder Volker. Und ich hoffe ja mal ich lag richtig mit der Seite. Ich habe leider nicht viel mehr Leute im Netz gefunden, und fast niemand hat eine eigene Homepage. Ich wollte auch schon immer mal eine Mailingliste einrichten, falls Du Interesse hast melde dich doch mal bei mir. Mailaddresse unter dem Posting.Mailadressen habe ich ein paar mehr.

  3. There ist one more link I want to tell you:

    You have – and you will – find out to whom the pages belong to !!!

    My problem is the more advertisment there is in the internet about own pages, the more crazy guys follow to this pages.
    I am stil surprised how you guessed that the first posting was me !
    so far for today, enjoy the weekend …
    Greetings Volker

  4. So what’s the problem with people looking at your page? That is the whole point, isn’t it? 🙂 The web is all about ‘exhibitionism’

  5. Dipl.-Ing. Architekt(FH), Projektleiter für Akquisition und Projektentwicklung bei der Fa. Bauland GmbH in München. Hallo Freunde, Exfreunde, Freundinnen und Exfreundinnen, is ne tolle Seite hier! Besucht mich doch mal in München, würde mich freuen!

    ein Servus aus München

  6. To finish my last comment:
    Publishing of the eMail address in the internet means SPAM … Even I fight against it, you always get it ! So this was only reason about my questions, nothing else !!! I know that the internet is public 😉 !

  7. Well you are right, but I was not going to publish anyone’s email address … only webpages and as far as I could see on your own page you have not published your email address, instead you put a contact form which is what I should have done a long time ago. Anyhow I have been using spamfilters for some time now – and very successfully.

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