Big Brother

So yet another season of big brother is starting in Germany, this time it’s ‘The Battle’, two teams battle each other for the resources as it seems now. Even though I am not sure wether I find this morally acceptable here’s the link BigBrother – the Battle. I am sure to be watching some episodes.

Classmates III

Here’s the homepage of a fraternity one of our classmates is member of: Homepage der Akademischen Turnverbindung Ditmarsia Kiel.

Here’s the excerpt of a mail I wrote to Volker about whom else I found (maybe) on the web.

Aber sicher bin ich mir leider bei keinem, waeren aber alle sehr passend.
Mirko Mussgnug:
(das Photo is strange aber na ja vielleicht doch der Name ist schon nicht sehr
Lennart Kaminske:
(jaja das photo… aber ich kann mir irgendwie nicht noch jemand mit
dem namen vorstellen auf den die HP so gut passen wuerde)
Christina Burdinski:
Volker Boelle
(auch hier das Photo eher anders, koennte aber sein)
Steffen Oestreich:
(hat auf dem mggforum immerhin seine email gepostet)
Pirio Mendel
(wuerde auch gut passen das seminar 🙂 )
Benjamin Häfner
(hp von seinem Bruder 🙂 )
Jan Krüger: wenn ich mir nicht sicher waere dass er nicht so der Computerfreak
war wuerde ich ja auf den hier tippen:
Und noch einer – unglaublich aber schau bei den Photos nach:
Bastian Huwer:

Feeling like debugging

I am not feeling so well. So what’s so funny about that. Read the entry before this. I took work home to do, test out log4j in a lab environment. Yeah got home started feeling ill. I have a terrible throat ache. Each time I need to cough up some slime, I start thinking: log.debug(“Blaarrrgh”). Once I noticed at all the way my thoughts were going I started thinking, well log.debug is okay as long as I do not get to a statement log.fatal(…). Think that’s sick? Me too. But I know the phenomenon as I am sure many other people do.

Way back when I was playing Civilization I like an eleven year old addict (and so was my friend), one day during a gaming break we went to go shopping for junk food – even back then we did – she asked

“I think I have forgotten my money.”
“Well did you save Game?”
“Well we could simply reload and get the money.”

And I did not mean walking back home, I was pretty sure there was a backup there somewhere and I anything went wrong I could simply restart at some save Game. Okay it lasted a moment and we burst out laughing.

Then there was the time when we played Total Annihilation all the time, I kept dreaming I was a Peewee fighting against Kroggoths.

And that night we played Quake jump levels until morning, I lay in my bed and every movement I made felt like jumping on one of those pads, man that was some kind of rollercoaster ride 🙂

Okay now before anyone notices I’ll put the laptop away pretending I did not need to write down weird things while I am sick. Or am I sick?

Excuse me need to log.debug some more.

All your log are belong to us

Another hate rant. So why is my log4j for my service inside axis not working. Anyone got an answer? I don’t I have been tracking this one for two days. Why is it working for other people but not for me? I am trying to read the configuration via the DOMConfigurator and it is not working. It just does not read the config, well it does not give error messages but it is not working either.

Here is the configuration.

<log4j:configuration debug=”true” xmlns:log4j=””>
<appender name=”general” class=”org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender”>
<param name=”File” value=”/some/path/my.log”/>
<param name=”MaxFileSize” value=”10MB”/>

<category name=”” additivity=”false”>
<priority value=”debug”/>
<appender-ref ref=”general”/>

<priority value=”debug”/>
<appender-ref ref=”general”/>


And here is the corresponding code which is not working:

Logger logger1 = Logger.getLogger(;
logger1.debug(“fnord”);“all hail discordia now at once”);

This is not producing any logs and in addition there are no errors being logged in the tomcat files and I have not activated log4j logging for axis. Other people in the company are using the same setup with axis and services and very very similar (isomorph!!!) code and for them it is working and for me it is not. Log4j itself is working if I create the appender in the code and give it to the logger via the addAppender method.

Someone suggested there was a problem because tomcat is also using log4j but then he added: well for our application that is no problem.

Victory or desaster?

Verwirrender Krieg: Willkommen in der Koalition der Zweifler – Politik – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Beide Seiten wissen insgeheim, wie sehr die jeweils andere Recht hat. Moralisch. Und diesen moralischen Diskursen kommen die geopolitischen in die Quere. Ich habe mit Freunden gesprochen, die sich in ein und demselben Atemzug den schnellen Sieg der Amis und ein kriegerisches Desaster gewünscht haben, und dabei den Blick nicht von der Mattscheibe gelöst haben, auf der irgendein Leitartikler gerade genau die entgegengesetzten Paradoxien vertrat.

To lazy to translate ….. but yes I think that’s how many people feel: “On the one hand they want the USA to succeed quickly on the other hand the wish them a military disaster”.

And did you notice that Vietnam is being mentionned more and more often?

Way back design

Go take a look at your old homepage at the Internet Archive

Here is what mine looked like in 1999 sonja’s virtual homepage Of course they are copying only about three levels deep so with my stupid intro page I did not get much coverage 🙂

And checkout one more nice thing: the 404 Research Lab, since I made my own 404 page and redirect errors from my college homepage to my new one I get to see what kind of google searches missed their target since I deleted the old homepage. And maybe I’ll be getting more traffic that way.

So there was actually something else I wanted to say but what …. oooh yes our kitchen is going to be delivered next week. Yay!