Month: March 2003

  • Big Brother

    So yet another season of big brother is starting in Germany, this time it’s ‘The Battle’, two teams battle each other for the resources as it seems now. Even though I am not sure wether I find this morally acceptable here’s the link BigBrother – the Battle. I am sure to be watching some episodes.

  • Classmates III

    Here’s the homepage of a fraternity one of our classmates is member of: Homepage der Akademischen Turnverbindung Ditmarsia Kiel. Here’s the excerpt of a mail I wrote to Volker about whom else I found (maybe) on the web. Aber sicher bin ich mir leider bei keinem, waeren aber alle sehr passend. Mirko Mussgnug: (das […]

  • Feeling like debugging

    I am not feeling so well. So what’s so funny about that. Read the entry before this. I took work home to do, test out log4j in a lab environment. Yeah got home started feeling ill. I have a terrible throat ache. Each time I need to cough up some slime, I start thinking: log.debug(“Blaarrrgh”). […]

  • All your log are belong to us

    Another hate rant. So why is my log4j for my service inside axis not working. Anyone got an answer? I don’t I have been tracking this one for two days. Why is it working for other people but not for me? I am trying to read the configuration via the DOMConfigurator and it is not […]

  • Victory or desaster?

    Verwirrender Krieg: Willkommen in der Koalition der Zweifler – Politik – SPIEGEL ONLINE Beide Seiten wissen insgeheim, wie sehr die jeweils andere Recht hat. Moralisch. Und diesen moralischen Diskursen kommen die geopolitischen in die Quere. Ich habe mit Freunden gesprochen, die sich in ein und demselben Atemzug den schnellen Sieg der Amis und ein kriegerisches […]

  • Antiwar DOS Attack

    The Spanish people have managed to stage a DOS attack on the mailservers of their government by sending them 100.000 protest mails. Spanien: Antikriegs-Mails fegen Aznars Partei aus dem Web – Netzwelt – SPIEGEL ONLINE. The artikel says that a majority of the Spanish people are not supporting their prime minister in his pro-war stance.

  • Way back design

    Go take a look at your old homepage at the Internet Archive Here is what mine looked like in 1999 sonja’s virtual homepage Of course they are copying only about three levels deep so with my stupid intro page I did not get much coverage 🙂 And checkout one more nice thing: the 404 Research […]

  • Open Directory Project

    Some time ago I registered as editor for the Unknown Armies category of the Open Directory Project, I never edited anything though. But now I am back and I added about all the links that I could find about the game or related to the game. Open Directory: Roleplaying: Genres: Horror: Unknown Armiesor Google Directory: […]

  • Oscars and other movies

    So I have not seen a lot of ‘great’ movies lately. Well I liked Chicago. Daredevil was disappointing, both X-Men and Spiderman were a lot better. The best thing about Daredevil was Electra. And if even I say that there was too much romance and too little action it must be true. Geez I like […]